Students Opinion on Ski Resort Mixed

Some Upset Because Facility Located in State With Anti-Gay Policies

Members of the Harvard community expressed mixed reactions to an alumnus donating a Colorado Highland ski resort to the University.

While some University officials and students said the resort could greatly benefit the College's ski team, others say Harvard should have no dealings with a state that recently adopted anti-gay policies.

Harvard Ski Team Coach Jonathan Shefftz said the donation was a "fantasy come true" and that he hopes the team will be able to utilize the resort.

"Aspen Highlands is definitely one of the premier resorts," Shefftz said.

But co-chair of the Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Association (BGLSA) John A. Frazier '95 said that he thinks Harvard should not accept the gift.


"I think that Harvard should recognize that Colorado discriminates. That is wrong," said Frazier. "We should make every attempt to boycott Colorado and revoke the bill."

Currently, gay organizations throughout the country are calling for a boycott of Colorado after state residents approved an amendment that bars civil rights protection based on sexual orientation.

Frazier said, however, he was not sure how BGLSA will react to the donation. Frazier, who just returned from vacation, said he will schedule a meeting with other board members to discuss a possible protest to the gift.

Some members of the ski team interviewed yesterday, said they were excited about the gift but did not know if the team would be able to use the resort.

"I get the feeling Harvard will treat it as an investment instead of a useful asset for skiers," said Daniel Sproule Love '93, nordic captain of the Harvard ski team.

Shefftz, who said the national boycott should have no effect on Harvard's decision to accept the gift, was also concerned about how accessible the resort would be to the team.

"We are nervous that Harvard may not be so generous in how the students can use thefacilities as the alumni are in donating them,"Shefftz said.

It is unclear whether the University will allowthe ski team to use the facility. The facility wasdonated to the Harvard over the holidays.

The ski resort will remain under the managementof Whipple V. Jones '32 and continue to be asource of revenue for the alumnus. Upon his death,the University will assume full ownership of thefacility.

University officials and Jones could not bereached for comment yesterday about whether theski team would be using the resort.

Love adds that even if Harvard were to join theboycott and refuse the gift, it will have littleeffect on the Colorado government.

He also said that it would be an insult to thealumnus who donated it.

"It would be a rash move for Harvard not toaccept the resort," Love said