Rudenstine Visits, Enjoys Pizza at Frosh Study Break

Pizza and conversation replaced slightly less entertaining administrative tasks last night in Wigglesworth H-22, as President Neil L. Rudenstine joined students for their proctor group's weekly study break.

Just after his return last night from New York City, Rudenstine--still carrying his luggage--was greeted by the assembled group. The visit was the students' prize for winning first place in last Thursday's Freshman Trivia Bowl.

"So, are there recreation facilities in any of these dorms?" asked Rudenstine.

The president got comments and complaints about the Yard dorms in response.

The conversation then turned to the imminent approach of mid-term exams and a corresponding outpouring of the first-year students' testing concerns.

Rudenstine attempted to assuage these concerns by relating stories from his days as an undergraduate at Princeton.

Rudenstine characterized the study break as "pure fun, a nice oasis in the day, and [it's] nice to see people taking breaks."

Proctor Ronda S. Appelbaum `89 said "I'm very proud of the freshmen who participated in the trivia bowl, grateful to the prefects for organizing the bowl, and proud to have an opportunity to meet the President."

She gave special credit to her group's prefects, Allen D. Duan `95 and Nichola M. Beukes `95, for the group's success in the trivia competition.

Jeremy R. Jenkins `97, a member of the winning team and one of the evening's hosts, said "It's sort of odd to have the President of the University come over to your room to party."

His roommate and fellow team member, James J.Wallace '97, added "We've reached the peak of ourHarvard careers after being here one month."

"It's a great chance to interact with thePresident on a personal level, and the pizza'sfree," added Javier A. Sandoval '97.

The group consisted of all of Wigglesworth HallI, and two suites in Wigglesworth H, a combinedtotal of 19 students.

The members of the winning trivia bowl groupwere Jenkins, Wallace, Ethan C. Korngold '97, andJonathan W. Stein '97.

Jenkins summed up the evening. "Some studybreaks have themes. We just have the President,"he said

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