Help Eases Computer Angst

Adopt-a-Dorm Program Offers Data Network Assistance

Angst should subside for first-year students troubled by computer data network at Harvard. Help has arrived.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences Committee on Informational Technology has established an Adopt-a-Dorm program to make data network help accessible for all first years.

"We looked to provide the students some help and advice, and to bring the expert students in contact with those who need help," said Dean of Applied Science Paul C. Martin '52.

Each first-year dorm is assigned one or more students familiar with the computer network to assist those who need help, according to Committee member James S. Gwertzman '95.

"For the next six weeks or so, these students will be available to provide assistance," Gwertzman said.


Program Began Thursday

According to William J. Ouchark, VMS systems manager, the program began Thursday night and is available to first-year students Monday through Thursday.

Assistants, who were recruited from the computer club, will hold office hours and provide students with their home phone numbers. Ouchark said students who choose to activate the data jacks in the rooms will receive the information through electronic mail.

Technicians Train Assistants

Science Center computer technicians are training the assistants and will provide them with tool kits, Gwertzman said.

He said the program has larger ramifications beyond the actual technology support.

"This program is a very big step in terms of using students in place of staff to provide services to other students," he said.