Ordinance Mandates Increased Parking

Harvard's neighbors may have an easier time finding parking on the congested streets of mid-Cambridge, after the city planning board Tuesday night accepted Harvard's new visitor parking plan.

Earlier this year, John R. Pitkin, president of the Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association, presented the planning board with neighborhood concerns about Harvard's failure to provide parking for events at Sanders Theatre.

A Cambridge zoning ordinance obliges the University to provide parking for visitors as well as staff using various Harvard facilities.

Last spring the Cambridge planning board concluded that Harvard must provide a parking plan which meets the requirements of the ordinance if the University wishes to commence the renovation of Memo- Pitkin said. "Something serious had to be donebefore Harvard begins renovations on MemorialHall."

Harvard chose Tuesday night's sparsely attendedmeeting to unveil its new parking plan. Harvard'sDirector of Physical Planning Kathy A. Spiegelmanpresented the plan, which will provide 10 spacesfor Fogg Museum patrons and 300 spaces for SandersTheatre visitors at the Broadway Garage. Anadditional four visitor spaces will be arrangedoutside the Fogg museum.

Spiegelman said she was pleased with the newparking plan and had not anticipated any problemswith its acceptance. "We worked on the programwith the neighbors," she said, "and, as a result,came up with a proposal that everyone endorsed."


Pitkin, a candidate for Cambridge City Council,said he was satisfied with the "untimid and verysubstantial" plan, but warned that this is only afirst step.

"We have established a precedent," he said."Harvard has realized its obligation toaccommodate its visitors...but there is more to bedone. The University needs to take a look at theparking demands from people taking courses at theextension school. This is an equally or moreserious problem.

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