Wilson Makes TV Debut

Morning Show to Air Science B-15 Class

Students who skipped yesterday's Science B-15 class can make up for their delinquency in a couple of weeks--by turning on Good Morning America.

The ABC morning news show taped yesterday's Evolutionary Biology class in preparation for a feature on Baird Professor of Science E.O. Wilson.

Physics Instructor Michael Guillen, who works for ABC, coordinated the event.

"I really feel that the public has a misperception about science and about scientists," Guillen said. "They tend to think of scientists as very robot-like creatures with no human side to them--and I want to prove them wrong."

Guillen said he chose Wilson for the segment because the Science B-15 professor is a well-rounded scientist and a good role model for children. The feature will profile Wilson's personality as well as his career, Guillen said.


At the lecture, Wilson amused both the camera crew and students with his wit.

Discussing a gene mutation that increases maleaggression, Wilson said, "It has been reportedthat there is a higher percentage of XYY males inprison--and at Dartmouth and at Yale."

Students said all of Wilson's lectures areamusing, not just those slated to appear onnational television.

"It didn't change the lecture," said ElizabethA. Williamson '95. "He wasn't putting on a show;he's always very personable."

Guillen said Wilson's landmark accomplishmentsin biology also make him an ideal subject for thefeature. Wilson, a world-famous entomologist, haswon two Pulitzer prizes for his books.

"What he knows is so important that it shouldnot be shared with only Harvard students....itshould be shared with millions of Americans,"Guillen said