Dunster Tops Sex Poll

'Spy' Rates River House Over Widener Stacks

Just where is the best place on campus to have sex?

Tradition dictates the Widener stacks. But Spy magazine claims that it's the Dunster courtyard.

The October issue of Spy magazine included the river house in its notorious "College List." A Spy intern last week confirmed to the Daily Pennsylvanian that the list refers to places on campus where sex is "recommended."

Some students suggested that the honor is the result of one particularly scandalous incident which occurred in the courtyard last spring, when one couple decided to forgo modesty.

"I didn't witness it first hand, but apparently they were both really drunk...I don't think it was prearranged or anything, it was more a spur of the moment thing," said Dunster resident Daniel R. McConville '94.


But the few students studying in the courtyard yesterday professed innocence of the matter. "I haven't heard anything," said Amanda M. Cather '96.

And at Widener, no amorous couples were presentto defend the library's reputation againstDunster. Hiwot Habetgbriel, who has worked at thecirculation desk by the entrance to the stackssince this summer, said she has noticed "manystudents alone, but not a lot of couples."

Other sites mentioned on the list included someon the University of Pennsylvania campus. Thecampus daily there reported that a student whoworked at the magazine is suspected to beresponsible, raising the possibility that theremay be a similar culprit at Harvard.

In addition to the Dunster courtyard, theSpy list suggests other spots on famouscampuses, such as "the Mausoleum where Jane andLeland Stanford Jr. are buried.