Undergraduates Start New Photo Magazine

Citing a lack of outlets for undergraduate photographers to showcase their work, two juniors have founded the "Harvard Photography Journal," a magazine featuring black-and-white pictures.

Co-founders Jennifer A. Luterman '95, Hannah Y. Yang '95 and about 20 other students plan to publish the magazine twice a year. The first issue of the magazine, which will include 40 prints, will appear in early December, Luterman said.

Armed with cameras, light meters and an $800 Kahn Grant from the Office of Student Arts, the magazine's founders said they decided to start the new journal because of Harvard's dearth of photo-oriented publications.

"There's not enough access for photographers at Harvard to show their work," Yang said.

Staff members agreed with Yang. "I think it definitely fulfills a need here. I don't think there's an outlet for photographers," said Elizabeth A. O'Brien '94, who works on the magazine.


The Harvard Advocate, a magazine devoted to student arts, publishes only three or four photographs per issue, Yang said.

"There are many more photographers at Harvard than we think," she added.

Until now, the journal's editors have been busy with the administrative details of putting together a campus publication and are seeking advertizing and submissions, O'Brien said.

"Basically, we've just been soliciting ads, trying to get sponsors like local businesses," said Robin B. Shahani '95. "We obviously need a lot of money before we can put out the first issue."

After the first issue, which will contain a broad range of photography, future editions will be organized around themes, editors said.

"We hope that people from all different backgrounds will be represented in the magazine," Luterman said.