Mansfield, Sullivan Debate Homosexuality in `Justice'

She said she had a better impression ofSullivan. "He was eloquent and so impressive."

Mansfield, who said he was suffering from"stage fright," began the debate by saying, "Iknow most of you will disagree."

After the debate, he said, "the main problemwas that Sullivan and I agreed too much."

Sandel, though, said he was pleased with theresults.

He said he felt that both Mansfield andSullivan dealt well with the moral and politicalarguments questioned in the course.


"Both participants presented the best possiblearguments for their respective views," he saidafter the debate.

Sullivan has written articles on homosexualityin The New Republic. In a Denver trial in October,Mansfield made statements that acceptance ofhomosexuality will eventually "underminecivilization."

Mansfield testified in favor of Colorado'sAmendment 2, which would ban state and localgovernments from prohibiting discrimination basedon sexual orientation.

Yesterday, a Denver District judge ruled theamendment unconstitutional

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