CLUH Elects New Director

The Civil Liberties Union of Harvard (CLUH) elected Eric D. Miller '96 its next director Thursday night, replacing Director Robert W. Yalin '95.

Voting members also ushered in Lisa M. Muggridge '96 as administrative assistant director, Devin S. McLachlan '96 as assistant director for University affairs and Michelle Drake '96 as assistant director for student affairs. Jeff M. Hauser '95 will return for another term as assistant for off-campus affairs.

Yalin called Miller "a brilliant guy."

"He and the rest of our newly elected leaders will do a fantastic job," Yalin said.

Yalin said CLUH has recently expanded its focus to national issues including capital punishment and gays in the military. Closer to home, the organization took a new stance "on aspects of Radcliffe that involve gender-based discrimination," he said.


"It's been a fantastic year," Yalin said. "We have doubled the size of our team of committed members and stayed strong on issues of student and university affairs like card keys, the Ad board, and co-ed housing."

"We hope to build on the success we've enjoyed this past year. Next year looks promising," Yalin said.

Miller pointed to "some on-campus issues to be explored in the spring, including electronic privacy, policies on confidentiality and the computer system and the unannounced use of caller ID, a system that displays the source of incoming calls."

"I'm optimistic," he added.