GSAS Administrative Dean Fox to Step Down

Will Focus Attention on Two Secretarial Posts in Faculty of Arts and Sciences

John B. Fox Jr. '59 last week announced he would resign from his position as the administrative dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) by the end of the academic year.

Fox, a veteran of the Harvard administrative ranks, said he is making the move in order to focus his attention on his roles as secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and secretary to the Faculty Council.

Fox has served as the administrative dean of GSAS since 1985. During the middle of the academic year 1991-92, at the request of the dean of the Faculty, he assumed additional responsibilities in the office of the Secretary of the Faculty.

In a memo to GSAS staff, Fox and Dean of the GSAS Christoph Wolff wrote that managing two important offices was an overwhelming task and the arrangement could not be maintained.

"[Fox] asked that some tasks be allocated so that both the Graduate School and the office of the Secretary of the Faculty could enjoy good and sufficient leadership," the memo stated.


Fox will continue as GSAS administrative dean and as acting dean of admissions and financial aid for the GSAS until a successor has been found for Drusilla Blackman, who resigned last summer from her admissions post.

Fox has held a variety of administrative positions in the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences since 1967 including that of Dean of the College from 1976 to 1985.

During Fox's nine years as administrative dean, a number of new services for students have been established including a graduate student center, Dudley House.

"The graduate school is in a less visible position," he said. "I was able to change that environment a lot."

As a result of Fox's departure, Wolff will be more involved in the day-to-day administration of graduate affairs.

Margot N. Gill, dean of student affairs, will aid Wolff by serving as the associate dean of academic administration.

Wolff will also be assisted by Thomas H. Neel, associate dean for finance and planning, and Rosemary Schultz, administrator and assistant to the dean.