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FM Farewells

Molly B. Confer '94

By June Shih

Her Headline: But how do you thank someone/who's taken you from crayons to perfume?

Home: Dunster House and Lincoln, Nebraska

Concentration: History and Literature

Et cetera: The "B" is for "Bridget."

How many volumes of "MTV Party to Go" she owns: Three out of the four that've been released.

Why just three: The songs in the first one were dumb. When the first one was released, they hadn't yet gotten into the rhythm, the groove, if you will, of dance mixing.

Her favorite track(s) on "MTV Party to Go": I can't remember if it's on number three or number four, but "Rhythm is a Dancer" has a nice little spanish guitar interlude. When "Supermodel" blends into "Please Don't Go," that's also a nice moment.

Her favorite lyrics of all time: That's a very hard question, June. What comes to mind are the lines from "Reel Around the Fountain," by the Smiths: "Fifteen minutes with you/ohhh, I wouldn't say no/oh, people see no worth in you/oh, but I do..."

What that means: I don't know.

A song that describes the mag: What if I said, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"?

But the mag is supposed to be for Harvard girls and boys, Molly: True, but this year it's been run by women.

What she thinks of Tina Brown: Very New York. Savvier than I.

What she wants to be when she grows up: Tina Brown.

Her most sublime memory of freshman year: There are so many. A safe answer would be the first time it snowed and the entire class of '94 went outside to play. Everyone was covered in snow. Afterwards, my little dormmates and I congregated in our common room for cocoa and a fire in the fireplace. It was very cute.

Does she fear the future: What I fear is that I don't.

Her theme: You mean a theme song?

No, a theme: "I want to" is more important than "I'm supposed to."

What she misses most about the Cornhusker State: There's more popcorn in Nebraska than in Massachusetts, I feel.

Favorite cereal: I knew you'd ask that. I like cereal a lot. My favorites include: Quaker 100% Natural, Rice Krispie Treats Cereal--it's great. I can't remember the specific name, but Chex makes a great graham cracker-flavored cereal. And finally, there's a cereal called "Heartland," which is simply divine. Basically, it's granola, but very wicked, dessert-like granola.

Why she entered Crayola's "Name the New Crayons Contest": I would kind of like to name crayons for a career. Or maybe lipsticks. I thought I had a lot to offer Crayon users around the world, but the judges apparently didn't think so.

But they did choose one of her name suggestions: Yes. "Robin's Egg Blue" was selected, but because other people submitted that name as well, the crayon people had to look at the sentences we wrote about "why our color names are the most original, creative, and appropriate" to choose the Grand Prize Winner. Maybe I took it too seriously. Maybe my sentence was too complex. So they sent me a "Certificate of Creativity" and a Crayola Collectors' Tin as tokens of their appreciation for my participation.

What other color names of hers the Crayola judges should have picked for their crayons: "Drizzle." "Higgledy Piggledy Pink." "Valentine's Day Red." "Cappucino"...I could go on and on.

How she explains her overuse of italics: Emphasis is important.

Her legacy at The Crimson: Italics, maybe.

A perfume of hers that drives men crazy: I've found that Estee Lauder's "Knowing" gets results.

What she'll miss most about the magazine: I'll miss the little things. Answering the phones. Filling in captions. Fixing the date at the bottom of the page. Doing the Table of Contents. And my initials, my little initials.

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