Heinicke Will Not Seek Re-Election; 3 Candidates Join U.C. Chair Race

Undergraduate Council Chair Malcolm A. Heinicke '93 announced yesterday that he will not seek re-election, throwing the race for chair to an open field of candidates.

Three council members have already announced their candidacy in Sunday's election. Michael P. Beys '94, Vice Chair Steven N. Kalkanis '93 and Rico Reyes '93 announced yesterday that they will seek the post.

Beys, a former council treasurer and candidates for vice-chair, admitted that he had been planning to run for the position for several months and stressed his plan to reevaluate and redirect council goals.

"We've got to stick with the practical stuff that were proven winners, but we shouldn't lose sight of the ideals," Beys said. "We shouldn't shy away from fully asserting ourselves on this campus, from making the student government the center and source of life on Harvard."

If elected, Beys said, the planned council reevaluation committee will "assume a very critical role."


Kalkanis, the current vice chair and a former candidate for chair, said enthusiastic supporters convinced him to seek the position.

"My decision to run is based on that over the past few days and weeks I have received calls from students, especially freshmen, committee members, and executive board members encouraging me to run," Kalkanis said.

Reyes, a former chair of the council's finance committee, said the council must focus more intently on providing more student services.

"The focus should be what is the council going to do to make the student life better, what is the council is going to do to help the student body," Reyes said. "It should not be a council for the should a council for the students."

In a written statement, Heinicke described his reasons for not seeking reelection as "simple."

"I feel the council is running smoothly, and the changes I put forth have been, with a few minor exceptions, completely implemented," Heinicke wrote. "After a year and a half of giving the council everything I had, I feel it is time to step aside and let someone else infuse fresh energy into the position."

Along with the developing council chair race, several members also have started to jockey for the position of vice chair.

Finance Chair Melissa Garza '94 said she hopes to "bring better and increased representation to the Undergraduate Council...through informal and formal discussions with the students."

David L. Hanselman '94 has already been canvassing for several days. Hanselman said there are "no magical solutions" for the council and that "hard work and energy" are needed "to revitalize the council."

Jennifer W. Grove '94, a former vice-chair candidate who has unsuccessfully sought the position three times, said she has not decided whether to run for the position this term. Grove said she will decide in the next few days.

Olivia A. Radin contributed to the reporting of this article.