Pre-Columbian Art Exhibit Opens

Painted shards of pre-Columbian pottery, sea-shells, soil and oils fill the canvases of an art exhibit which opened last night in Lehman Hall.

More than 100 people attended the opening of the exhibit by artist Sheila E. Lichacz, "The Spirit and Soul of Latin America," which uses original mixed-media techniques to express the artist's spiritual themes.

Her work is part of the permanent collection in the Vatican Museum at the Vatican.

"I can definitely see why the Pope would commission these works," said Shaunti C. Reidinger, a student at the Kennedy School of Government who was present at the opening.

"What's quite unique is that she combines use of shards from pre-Columbian pottery with oils," said Lamont Professor of Divinity Paul D. Hanson, Master of Dudley House.


Lichacz said she collected all the pottery shards as a child from river-banks in her home town of Monagrillo, Penama. The artist waxed spiritual in speaking of her work.

"These [paintings] were meant to be here, by providence," said Lichacz. "Look at the color of the walls," she said with a sweeping wave of her hand, punctuated by her brightly painted nails.