Assault, Shooting Not Related

Two Suspects in Mt. Auburn St. Assault Arrested and Charged

Police said yesterday that an assault which took place shortly before spring break was not related to last month's shooting in Harvard Square.

According to Cambridge Detective Frank Pasquarello, in the morning of March 26 two assailants leapt out at four youths from a moving vehicle, the same scenario which led to the March shooting.

But Pasquarello said two suspects were arrested on charges of assault, battery and illegal possession of firearms shortly after the March 26 incident and that no links have been found to the shooting.

One suspect was arranged in Cambridge Third District Court on March 29, Pasquarello said.

The status of the other suspect is unknown.


Victims described the weapons used against them as pipes and wrenches. Police said they believe that the motor vehicle anti theft device called the "Club" was also used.

A fist fight ensued in which the four youths were punched and kicked in the head, he said. Victims told Cambridge police that the attack, which took place around 2:30 a.m. at the intersection of Mass. Ave. and Bow Streets, was unprovoked.

Pasquarello said each of the victims was transported to Mt. Auburn Hospital for medical attention following the incident.

One of the victims had a swollen temple and another had a bloody face.