Boyle Not First Female Head of Republican Club


Several of my Harvard classmates sent me a copy of the December 15, 1992 issue of The Crimson referring to the cover story "Republican Club Chooses First Female President." As President of the Harvard Republican Club for the academic year 1984-85, only eight years ago, of course I was greatly disturbed.

I wondered "was my presidency so inconsequential that it has been struck from all records of the University? Certainly a few of the 400 dues paying members that year must remember me. Or perhaps Professor Mansfield, the club's advisor? After all, hadn't I provided hundreds of members and nonmembers with opportunities to work on the presidential, state and local campaigns that year? And didn't I organize a tremendous party on election night? I am pretty sure that I also arranged a trip to Washington DC for spring break where we had breakfast with Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and met with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

And the media coverage...wasn't I interviewed by scores of newspapers around the country and didn't I appear on the Dave Finigan television show? How about all the monthly newsletter that I wrote? There must be a record of my presidency somewhere."

Then I looked over at my desk where I still keep the gavel that was presented to me at the end of my term, reassuring myself that my presidency was not a mere figment of my imagination.

Authors Ms. Roberts and Ms. Wilde obviously made no attempt to research their article which was printed on the front page with a photo of the "first" female president of the Republican Club. The Crimson editorial staff's lack of journalistic integrity is reprehensible. Marie J. Lucca '85