Softball 2-2 Against Princeton, UMass

Mercy Rule Invoked in First Princeton Game; Team Faces Holy Cross Next

The Harvard softball team pulled a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde this weekend as it lost big to Princeton 13-0, 7-2 at home on Saturday, committing nine(!) errors, then reappeared Sunday to spank UMass-Lowell 9-3, 10-3.

Why the split personality?

"Everything just clicked on Sunday," sophomore Elizabeth Walker said. "We were really focused and played really well together. It was a refreshing change from Saturday's game, where we seemed to just roll over and play dead."

Indeed the Crimson (16-15 overall, 1-7 Ivy) looked post mortem against the Tigers. With the Princeton pitchers throwing 60-70 miles per hour fastballs and changeups, the Tigers dominated the diamond from the beginning.

Mercy Rule


The Crimson was so ineffective, the game was called after five innings because of the 10-run mercy rule.

The lone Crimson hit of the game came from junior Ann Kennon. Unfortunately Harvard could not convert it into an offensive rally.

The Harvard defense fared no better.

In addition to the flood of errors that plagued the Crimson fielders, starting pitcher sophomore Jana Meader could not stop the torrent of experienced Princeton batters who kept hammering away, hit after hit.

"We made too many mistakes and Princeton took advantage," Crimson coach Barry Haskell said. "They're a good team."

Harvard fared better in the second half of the twinbill, avoiding another run-in with the 10-run rule in the 7-2 loss.

The Crimson fielders came back to life, committing only two errors. Outfielders Meader and sophomore Cheryl Sadow made spectacular diving catches that stymied the Princeton run machine in the later innings.

Sparked by freshman Amy Reinhard's double, the Crimson scored two runs in the second game--but were defeated after Tiger pitcher Kaeren Drill retired nine straight batters and ended the game with a double play.

Kind of Beat Ourselves'

"We kind of beat ourselves," captain Nancy Johnson said. "It was a question of mental confidence."