The First Year as a Provost

Green denies that his new-found affinity for the sciences has caused him to regret his career path. "I'm very happy with economics," he says.

But he adds that he is hoping that the associate provost candidate that is eventually chosen has expertise in at least on area of the sciences.

Of course, he has to find an associate provost first. Originally, Green had said the role would be officially filled on July 1, the anniversary of his appointment. But now the deadline has been stretched to the end of the summer.

The reason? Green says the first search failed to find a candidate that fit the needs of an associate provost. Perhaps like the provost's role, the associate provost position is having its parameters defined by the needs of the central administration.

For the most part, though, Green seems to have weathered his move to Mass Hall with equanimity.


"It's an interesting change. I had been a professor for 22 years. I can't say it was time to change, but I'm happy with the change," he says. "Overall I would say it has been a good year."

It takes someone who has both academic and administrative capacity...I think Jerry has really done splendidly. President Neil L. Rudenstine