500 Have Yet to Pick Up IDs

Graduate Students Lead Tally With 300 Unclaimed Cards

Approximately 500 students have yet to pick up their permanent identification cards, the Office of the Registrar said yesterday.

About 150 undergraduate upperclass students who did not claim their ID cards when they turned in their study cards can obtain them from the senior tutor in their houses, said Joseph D. Maruca, assistant registrar, yesterday.

Moruca said the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences led the pack with 300 unclaimed ID cards, which students can pick up at the Office of the Registrar.

Students whose computer-imaged photos were taken when they turned in their study cards can pick up their ID cards at the Office of the Registrar.

Approximately 50 first-year students did not receive their permanent IDs, said Lorri A. McDaniel, an assistant to the dean of freshmen. The first-years can pick up their cards at the Freshman Dean's Office (FDO).


Seven first-year students who had their pictures taken after registration will also be able to obtain their IDs at the FDO, McDaniel said.

Students who failed to pick up their IDs and are relying on their temporary cards for identification needn't lose sleep: The temporary cards, which are replaced by permanent IDs, are due to expire by the middle of October.

And those first-year students who missed out on the free Harvard Dining Service mugs can rest assured, as the FDO will offer the mugs to the latecomers.