`Justice' Tops Course List

Sandel's Course Attracts 910; Ec 10 Drops to Second

If you teach it, they will come.

After a two-year hiatus, Professor of Government Michael J. Sandel's course Moral Reasoning 22 or "Justice," has returned to the Course of Instruction and to its familiar perch atop the list of most popular courses at Harvard.

With 910 students registered, Justice beat several other perennial contenders for the College's top 10 courses in enrollment, according to figures released yesterday by the registrar's office.

Sandel's course, taught in Sanders Theatre, reviews classical and contemporary theories of justice. Students discuss present-day controversies such as quotas, surrogate motherhood and the military draft.

Last year's most popular course, Social Analysis 10 or "Ec 10," dropped to second this year, although its enrollment increased.


Ec 10, which is taught by Baker Professor of Economics Martin S. Feldstein '61, enrolled 856 students this year, compared to 764 last year.

Professor of Psychiatriy and Medical Humanities Robert Coles '50's course General Education 105, "The Literature of Social Reflection," always a top ten course, finished third this year. The course drew 660 students this year, up from last year's 515.

Literature and Arts A-66 "The Myth of America," drew 553 students this year, more than halving again last year's count of 328.

The class, taught by Sacvan Bercovitch, Carswell professor of English and American literature and language, explores the various meanings of America and the American dream in major literary works of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Occupying the fifth spot on the list is Associate Professor of Music Graeme Boone's Literature and Arts B-71, "Jazz: An American Music."

Because of the large number of students who enrolled, "Jazz" is one of five courses which were limited in size through a lottery.

The section-only intermediate calculus class, Mathematics 21a, finished Going Along With the Crowd

Course Title  Enrollment Moral Reasoning 22 Justice  910 Social Analysis 10 Principles of Economics  856 General Education 105 Lit. of Social Reflection  660 Literature and Arts A-66 Myth of American  553 Literature and Arts B-71 Jazz: An American Music  469 Mathematics 21a Multivariable Calculus  436 Historical Studies B-61 The Warren Court  370 Foreign Cultures 62 Chinese Family, Marriage....366 Chemistry 10 Foundations of Chemistry  359 Biological Sciences 2 Evolutionary Biology  348 sixth in the poll with an enrollment of 436, upfrom 374 last year.

Law School professor Morton J. Horwitz's classon the Supreme Court under Chief Justice EarlWarren, Historical Study B-61, came in seventhafter its size was limited to 323 by a lottery.

The class has 370 students enrolled in it,according to the registrar.

Another Core course, Foreign Cultures 62,"Chinese Family, Marriage, and Kinship: A Centuryof Change," was also lotteried and occupies theeighth spot on the list with an enrollment of 366.The class examines Chinese culture and everydaylife.

Two introductory science courses, Chemistry 10and Biological Sciences 2, round out the top ten.They enrolled 359 and 348 students respectively.

Students who did not turn in their study cardsin time were not counted for the list, accordingto the Office of the Registrar