McSweeney Addresses H-R Republican Club

City Council candidate Jim McSweeney criticized the policies of the current council, promising "fiscal conservativsm" in a speech at the Harvard-Radcliffe Republican Club's introductory meeting on Monday.

McSweeney vigorously attacked the present council, calling its agenda "beyond liberal--I'll even say radical."

The council hopeful, a 30-year-old self-employed insurance agent, told the crowd of about 50 students that he will eliminate waste and place increased emphasis on "quality of life" issues, such as an increased police force to combat crime.

McSweeney derided the current system of rent control, saying it "has been abused by those who clearly do not need it."

He also said he supports programs that are of interest to students, such as the establishment of a 24-hour public transportation system, an increase in the number of bike racks in Harvard Square and the creation of bike paths throughout Cambridge.


Before delivering an informal version of his campaign stump speech, McSweeney told the audience about his background and the origins of his interest in politics.

Karen E. Boyle '94, President of the Republican Club, said the club "took interest in having a conservative on the Cambridge City Council" after McSweeney's campaign manager spoke at a meeting last spring.

"We are trying to provide the opportunity for people to get involved in a local election," Boyle said.