Wake Up, Hurlbut... It's the Band

It's 9 a.m. on a Saturday. No alarm today, right?


If it's football season and the Crimson is playing at home, Hurlbut residents are treated to a very special wake-up call of their own.

"Good Morning Hurlbut," the 80-some members of the Harvard Marching Band have blared for at least three years, and perhaps since the band first played in 1919.

Since the band members are up and already on their way to Soldier's Field, they want to share the new-day joy, said Drill Master Duane A. Stewart III '95.

But that may not be the best way to make happy Hurlbut friends.

"I wish they'd jump off a pier," said Linda W. Chan '98.

Some, however, said the band-as-alarm evidenced love, not scorn for the 'But.

"I really like the band," said Andwele J. Lewis '98. "I like the fact that they say good morning.' It shows they care about our well-being."

After waking Hurlbut, the band parades down Mass. Ave., through Harvard Square and down to Soldier's Field where they learn the formations for that day's program before the game begins, Stewart said.

The band's repertoire may seem like it never changes as they march down Mass. Ave. That's because it doesn't Stewart said.

Years ago stores paid the band to play certain songs as they approached.

While today the band, no longer paid for its services, might seem annoying, at least it's legal.

The band, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, has an annual permit from Cambridge for its game day parades. But the time-worn parade route may change next year when the band moves into Hillel's old headquarters at 74 Mt. Auburn Street.

So this may be the last year of the Hurlbut "hello" after all.