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Crimson Oversteps Its Boundaries

To The Editors:


In its demand for the Black Students Association (BSA) President Kristen Clarke '97's retraction or resignation. The Crimson has outlandishly overstepped its boundaries as a newspaper ("Clarke Should Retract Statements." Opinion, Nov. 4, 1994). While The Crimson can and should espouse opinions about campus organizations, it has no right to intervene in internal organizational politics by calling for the resignation of a campus leader. The only people who should demand the resignation of an organization's leader are the members themselves.

If editors of The Crimson would like to join the BSA and then call for Ms. Clarke to resign, they are welcome to do so. But they cannot submit such claims through the external voice of their newspaper. Harvard's ethnic organizations will not tolerate such irresponsible journalism and unthinking sensationalism. --Vivek Maru '97   Academic/Political Chair   South Asian Association   Susan S. Kim '96   President   Korean Students Association   Jean M. Ou '95   Co-President   Chinese Students Association   Alex Cho '96   Co-President   Asian American Association   Julissa Reynoso '97   President   Fuerza Quisqueyana   Alison Moore '97   Vice President   Black Students Association   Laurent Alfred '96   Political Action Chair   Haitian Alliance   Nisha Hitchman '97   Dax Bayard   Co-Chairs Caribbean Club   Pedro Orozco '96   Secretary   RAZA   Radi Annab '95   President   Society of Arab Students

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