Knowles Plans to Announce New Dean Structure in 10 Days

Dean of the Faculty Jeremy R. Knowles said yesterday that he hopes to decide on the structure of the Dean of the College position within the next ten days.

Knowles had been expected four weeks ago to choose one of the models outlined in the Report on the Structure of Harvard College.

"It's been a busy time,' Knowles acknowledged. "A lot has happened: benefits, ROTC, and President [Neil L.] Rudenstine's absence."

Knowles said he hopes to announce the structure of the mew position early next year.

If he decides to have a faculty member become a "superdean," it is likely he will name the chosen faculty member at the time.

But if Knowles decides the dean should be an administrator, he will probably appoint a search committee, a source said.

Knowles said yesterday that both options are equally likely at this point.