Snowstorm Hits Harvard

Some Offices Close; Classes Continue; Libraries Stay Open

Harvard Yard was transformed into an Arctic tundra yesterday, as seven inches of snow fell onto the Boston area.

Although the adverse weather conditions paralyzed much of Cambridge, classes were unaffected. University libraries remained open, and, according to the president's office, there were no administrative delays.

The University did not go completely unscathed, however. A number of offices closed their doors early, and facilities maintenance remained open only for emergencies. The American Red Cross blood drive in Boylston Hall was canceled at approximately 2 p.m. because of the weather conditions.

Winter's wrath brought out a small army of Harvard maintenance personnel to handle plowing and shoveling.

Plows circled the Yard throughout the day, but the storm worked as fast as the plowers. Almost as soon as they were cleared, Cambridge sidewalks and well-trodden paths in the Yard added fresh layers.

"It's a big job, but the grounds crew are right out there with machinery," said Jim Hoey, Mather House assistant superintendent. "We've been completely on top of it, working all night long. You don't want to fall behind with this weather."

Students seeking to leave the Boston area forthe weekend were, in most cases, disappointed.

Information lines for all of the majorairlines, Amtrak and Greyhound were jammed withanxious would-be travelers. "Due to extremeweather conditions, we are unable to answer yourcall at this time," was the response that greetedcallers to Continental Airlines.

Logan Airport did not officially close itsrunways, but few flights were able to leave orland.

"Basically, it's closed," said an AmericanAirlines employee. "Every once in a while a flightgets out or lands, but most flights are canceled.We expect the same for tomorrow."

By 4 p.m. yesterday, many of the businessesalong Massachusetts Avenue had closed down for theday. And as night fell, the thoroughfare was emptyexcept for the occasional tow truck or snow plow.

The National Weather Service said the weekendwill bring similar weather. Possible snow orfreezing rain is expected today, with anothersnowfall sometime tonight