Senior Claims She Stickered CVS

Adams House Woman Allegedly Started Campaign for Animals

An Adams House senior is claiming responsibility for an animal-rights stickering campaign in CVS and the Coop over the last two months.

But she plans to call off the campaign for a while because store officials are on the lookout for her.

The student, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she has been placing yellow warning stickers on selected products to protest the use of animal testing in their production.

"It's my mini-campaign in Harvard Square," she told The Crimson in a telephone interview.

The student said she has had no problem sneaking her stickers onto detergent, deodorant and other products produced by Proctor & Gamble and Gillette in an effort to raise public awareness.

"I could be there for an hour and no one would notice," she said.

Still, the student said she has considered the risks.

"I'm willing to be permanently thrown out of CVS or arrested," she said.

She also said a few customers have seen her in action but usually just smile when they see what she's doing.

The stickers read: "Warning: Animals suffered to make this product."

Besides her stickering activity, the student said she is also a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Harvard's Animals Welfare Committee. She is a vegetarian and refuses to wear leather.

She says her sticker campaign will have to take a breather for a while since officials at the Coop and the two CVS branches in the Square are watching for her. But she considers her effort so far a success.

"If I've discouraged ten people from buying these products," she said, "it's a small victory for the animals."