Thank you, Thank you!

Working With Raw Materials

The occasion of National Secretaries' Day should serve to remind all members of the Harvard community of our indebtedness to those who perform the many secretarial functions essential to getting the work of the University done.

As for myself, I know that without Mary Mahony and Arthur Marx, the two people responsible for man-aging my office (and, to the extent possible, me), my life would be in shambles.

The contributions made by these outstanding individuals include directing phone calls and correspondence, responding to some inquiries and coordinating responses to others, arranging (and rearranging) my schedule in the face of conflicting legitimate demands, planning my travel, apprising me of problems and advising me on solutions, and more, much more.

Ms. Mahony and Mr. Marx bring to this multitude of tasks an array of professional skills, knowledge, tact and, most importantly, sound judgment.

Despite the limitations of the raw material with which they must work--namely, me--they do a remarkably good job.

My Kennedy School colleagues and I are grateful to them and to all of the others who contribute as they do to Harvard's continuing success.

Albert Carnesale is dean of the john F. Kennedy School of Government.