You can chain my body, but my mind will always be free

FM Profiles Lean Green Bikin' Machine '93-'94

Home:The mean streets and Adams Hose (although as recently as last week, the Lean Green Bikin' Machine was seen sleeping at the Salvation Army down in Central Square.)

Concentration: Undecided

Special Features:Electric blinkers, parking brake, banana seat, beautiful lime-green exterior.

What it's like being a bicycle: "It's okay. Sure as hell beats being a tricycle."

What its been like adjusting to the pressures of life at Harvard:" "Not so bad, especially since I'm not enrolled."

They wouldn't let you in because you're bicycle? "Actually, they recruited the hell outta me.

Practically got down on their hands and knees. But I'm not about to attend a university without a single vehicular professor! Harvard's go to learn that if it wants to attract a diverse student body, it has to start with a diverse faculty."

How it spends its night:"Mostly, I roam. You know that old B-52's song, "Roam? "Well, I guess you could say that that's my motto. I go up and down the streets, zooming around the neighborhood, you know, with a sidecar and stuff..."

A sidecar? "Well, technically I guess I don't have a side-car per se, but sometimes I imagine my self with one, zooming up and down, scaring small children."

Theories about why his exterior is so, we, different from other bikes in the area:"Some people say a beautiful outside is a sign of a beautiful inside. Some people think Elle MacPherson was at her best in `Sirens'."

What that means:"Heh, you're the reporter. Figure it out."

Favorite movies:"Easy Rider", "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure."

Any love objects in its life:"You know, it's funny you should ask, because I'm going through a real hard met right now. I recently met a human being, and though I don't usually go for homo sapiens, this young man understands me so well that I Can't help think that it might work. But, as I'm sure you know, it's not easy being green."

What type of bike lock he prefers:"You can chain my body, but my mind will always be free." Interview Ann Stewart