Jewett Will Be Missed

Student Groups Upset by Possible Retirement of Dean

Several campus student groups voiced concern and regret yesterday over the possibility that Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57 may leave his post in the near future.

Jewett, who has held his post since 1985, said Monday that he will announce his decision by June.

President of the Undergraduate Council Carey W. Gabay '94 said that when he told a number of council members about Jewett's possible departure, they responded, "Say it isn't so."

"I think I speak for the U.C. when I say that we all see him as an uncle," Gabay said.

"It will be a major concern for the U.C.--It will be difficult to fill his shoe," he said.

Jewett has "always been there" to provide guidance and advice, Gabay said, referring to the recent $10 term bill hike controversy, which provoked a campus-wide petition and a call for a referendum.

"He explained how we should go about [dealing with the controversy] step by step," Gabay said .

Former chair of the Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Students Association (BGLSA) Dennis K. Lin '94 said it would be "unfortunate" if Jewett were to step down.

"He's always been supportive and friendly," Lin said. "When we had a tea last October for faculty and administration [[during] national coming out week, he came to that."

Former director of the Civil Liberties union of Harvard (CLUH) Robert W. Yalen '95 said he was "dismayed" to hear Jewett may be vacating his post.

"CLUH has had a good working relationship with Dean Jewett," Yalen said. "He's always been sensitive to our concerns. He's...really interested in students."

Faculty Praise dean

Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III said Jewett has "maintained very high standards" at the college. "I think he's doing a very good job," Epps said.

Assistant Dean of Radcliffe College and former co-master of Quincy House Rosa. B. Shinagel said it would be a "tremendous loss" to the college if Jewett steps down.

"He advises so many freshmen and attends so many student events. He's very thoughtful about students concerns, student issues and student wishes," she said.

Dunster House master Karel F. Liem said Jewett has done much to improve house life.

He said: "We no have a good system of non-concentration advising in all Houses, which Dean Jewett implemented very nicely."