Poetry In Motion


The NBA Playoffs are here once again,

Where the Hawks become mice, and the Heat become men.

>Atlanta ain't chillin'; they are almost on ice,

And Miami is blazing, thanks in part to Glen Rice.

The number one seeds? Must be some kind of joke,

As on easy three-footers Kevin Willis doth choke.

They have but one more chance, these pretenders in red,

Or else Manning and Ehlo can go straight back to bed.

From the West come the Sonics; they know how to kampf;

That's "fight' said in German, as one might hear Schrempf.

With Kemp and McMillan, Seattle's legit;

Much unlike said Atlanta, these Sonics are fit

For an NBA title, once the Nuggets are past,

And Utah abolished, the Rockets then gassed.

There's far too much game in the Pacific Northwest,