Cinema Scope

For all of you cinema buffs out there, you may not understand the multitude of choices you have to choose from in the Cambridge and Boston areas. We at The Crimson have decided to elucidate you about what it means to have freedom of choice in the People's Republic of Cambridge.

The Brattle Theatre

Please notice the "re" spelling of this cinema--it's indicative of the foreign-ness of what is shown here. Thankfully, this cinema was recently redone and brings in off-the-wall, obscure and classic movies which would not have the opportunity to come her otherwise.

Loew's Harvard Square--Church Street

This movie house offers several first-run feature films. Go early; the line often stretches down the block. Don't go here expecting any sort of privacy--usually half the people you know will be there watching the latest in Hollywood's entertainment.

Loew's Janus--39 J.F.K. Street

This cinema shows only one film every two or three weeks. How it survives, I don't understand, but it often shows first-run films you cannot see anywhere else in the Square.

Harvard Film Archives at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts

This is the serious film--goers mecca. Expect to see very obscure foreign films with a lot of angst. But many of them will never be released anywhere else, are cherished archival pieces arejust plain weird and entertaining. Peruse their guide or notice their billboard and take a chance.

Copley Plaza Cinemas

Catch a first-run after buying your parents a new set of crockery at Williams--Sonoma, while buying yourself the latest foreign magazine or after a good session of people--watching.

Fresh Pond

The closest megaplex to Harvard Square. Take the T to Alewife then risk your life crossing the bridge, rapelling down the overpass and crossing the parking lot to get the widest range of movies available. Beforewarned: Fresh Pond has been known to be Townie Hell.

Coolidge Corner

This old-time movie house shows some of the most charming (and random) new and vintage films ever. A Saturday afternoon with "Singing in the Rain," cannot be found anywhere else.