Gregoire Enters Council Race

Brandon C. Gregoire '95 has officially announced his candidacy for president of the Undergraduate Council this spring.

Incumbent president David L. Hanselman '94-'95 announced on Sunday that he would not run for reelection because, as a second semester senior, he could not provide the best leadership for the council.

"I don't think he was pointing the finger at me," Gregoire said. "I think he was just speaking from his own perspective. He has five classes and a wife. I only have three classes and a thesis."

Gregoire said that his status as a second semester senior will not hurt his performance as president.

"The same statement could be made of first semester seniors," Gregoire said. "Seniors are busy in the fall and the spring. To say a second semester senior shouldn't run is to say that a first semester senior shouldn't either."


Gregoire said his current dedication to the Council would allow members to look past any questions about his class year.

"If you ask anybody they'll tell you that I am one of the most, if not the most, dedicated member of the council," he said. "I spend thirty-five hours per week as it is. I don't anticipate having to spend much more if I were president."

Rudd W. Coffey '97 and Randy A. Fine '96 have openly expressed interest in running for president, but have declined to officially declare candidacy.

"I'm considering it at this point," Fine said. "But I'm still not certain. I'm still feeling people out and getting views and opinions."

Coffey said he was definitely planning on running for an office, but he hasn't decided for sure which one. 1

"I haven't ruled anything out, but probably either president or one of the chairs of house life. I'm leaning toward president right now, though" Coffey said.

In another race, Justin C. Label '97 has expressed strong interest though no firm commitment in running for vice-president.

"I'm rather close to a decision," Label said. "I need to think about what I want to do next semester, but I like the idea."

Coffey expressed dismay at the importance placed on elections.

"I don't think elections and politicking should be that big of a deal," he said. "I think we should focus more on what the council is doing."

Coffey also bemoaned the lack of first-years and women expressing interest in running for office.

"We have a lot of incredible first-years and I think it's too bad that they aren't thinking about running for office," he said. "As well, I'm not sure why so few women are running. I don't know whether it's because they think there's a glass ceiling or what, but I think that it's unfortunate.