Mazur's Inferno

The Inferno: Monotypes by Michael Mazur at the Boston University Art Gallery 855 Commonwealth Ave Green Line to B.U. West open 10-5 Tuesday through Friday, weekends 1-5 through October 22

Until Sunday, visitors may take a trip to hell through the striking and weighty prints of artist Michael Mazur and the powerfully interpreted text of Dante. The gallery's current exhibit "The Inferno: Monotypes by Michael Mazur," is a collection of the 38 monotype prints and eight studies which Mazur created in collaboration

to the farting-place..." The works produce a visually arresting contradiction and beauty.

In a press release by the Boston University Art Gallery, Pinsky is quoted commenting on Mazur's interpretation of Dante: "Mazur's images grow out of the poem, but not out of conventional apprehensions of the poem...[They] added another reality to my idea of the Inferno's visual meanings."

Mazur, referred to by a member of the VES department as "a leader of modern print-making," has had his work displayed in museums such as Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Although he is best known for his prints, he points as well, and is continuing his work here in Cambridge.