BGLSA Gets Space in Holworthy

Organization Plans to Create Gay and Lesbian Resource Center

The Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Student Association (BGLSA) officially received office space last Friday in Holworthy Hall, according to political chair Joshua L. Oppenheimer '97-'96.

The space was offered to the organization by Dean of Students Archie C. Epps ill in a meeting with three co-chairs of BGLSA and three representatives from the Harvard Gay an Lesbian Alumni Association.

"The space will also be used as a library and resource center," Epps said yesterday in an e-mail message.

Oppenheimer said the organization was excited about the new resource center, adding that the center will be staffed by a part-time employee.

"With a bit of gay interior decorative magic, we can transform it into an absolutely fabulous gay and lesbian resource center," Oppenheimer said.

BGLSA Co-Chair Nadia P. Croes '98 said the need for a gay and lesbian center has resulted from randomization.

"Adams house was always a sort of safe space for the gay community; we needed some sort of other space," Croes said. "For a lot of people who don't feel comfortable with straight friends, Adams was always the place to go. Since it won't be there any longer, some sort of safe space would really good for people."

Oppenheimer said the center, which will be located in Holworthy's basement, will have two purposes.

"We hope to have a center both for the promotion of gay and lesbian scholarship as well as a center where people can find out what internships and opportunities are available in the gay would," he said.

Epps said yesterday he intends to "hold twice monthly meetings with BGLSA with an open agenda."

These meetings "are very important in getting a proactive commitment from the college," Oppenheimer said.

looking forward, Oppenheimer mentioned that "one of the things [BGLSA] wants to establish [is] a gay and lesbian cafe or social space."

Epps said as far as social space, [BGLSA will] have to make that possible," he added.

Oppenheimer said the new resource center will include a library video screening capacity and a networked computer.

BGLSA officials said money will not be an issue in creating the center.

Croes said the BGLSA is "applying to tons of grants" and has $1,000 from a BGLSA-sponsored dance three weeks ago.

"I think we're okay in [the financial] department," she said.

"In the end," Oppenheimer said, "the dream of gay and lesbian friendly spaces and the resource centers have been realized.