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I am writing to protest the role of the Undergraduate Council in financially backing and encouraging the attendance of Harvard students at the recent financial aid rally at Government Center. Let me first say that I strongly support financial aid. I feel that financial aid, above all else, should continue to be founded by government. Although many individuals do chest on their aid forms and receive aid meant for others, for those who are truly needy, providing an education is one of the best things the government can do to level the playing field. All people, especially our most gifted and hardworking students who have achieved despite financial need, deserve a fair shot in America and the opportunity for a college education.

However, that was not the message broadcast at the recent financial aid really. The first speakers at the rally wore Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich marks, one of which read "Fuck Newt." Like-wise, many attendees shouted vulgar slogans such as "Dole Sucks."

While we may not agree with the agenda of the Republican Party as it tries to cut financial aid, personal attacks only serve to undermine our argument. Constructive debate was what the founders viewed as the highest goal of the citizen, not vulgar shouting matches and personal attacks.

It is thus truly unfortunate that the students at the rally proved not their points but only their immaturity. It is even more unfortunate that the Undergraduate Council of Harvard College, speaking for all of the undergraduate community, implicated us all in the immaturity. Shawn Zeller '97

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