Suleiman Named to Board Of Comparative Lit. Assoc.


Professor of Romance and Comparative Literatures Susan R. Suleiman will serve as vice president of the American Comparative Literature Association for the next two years. She will then serve as president of the group for 1998-99.

In addition to her appointment in the Romance Language and Literatures Department, Suleiman is also a member of the committee on degrees in women's studies.

She is currently teaching French 268: "The Dreyfus Affair in Literature in Film, 1898-1978." This spring, Suleiman will teach French 132b: "20th-Century French Fiction II: The Experimental Mode," which will include works of fiction by authors who have rejected the realist mode.

Suleiman's books include Authoritarian Fictions: The Ideological Novel as a Literary Genre, Subversive Intent: Gender, Politics and the Avant-Garde and Being Contemporary. Between Autobiography and History.

Her most recent book, Risking Who One Is: Encounters with Contemporary Art and Literature was published by Harvard University Press in the spring of 1994.


Suleiman, a graduate of Barnard College, received her Master of Arts from Harvard in 1964 and her Ph.D. from Harvard in 1969.