Registration Changes Hamper Recruitment

Student organizations looking to recruit new members at spring registration may be in for a few surprises.

Because Memorial Hall construction prevents registration from occurring in the large hall of years past, students will receive their packets in the Union and their houses today.

Student groups--limited to a total of 24--will only be able to reach first-years unless they specifically petition to table at the houses.

Further, clubs will be limited in the amount of materials and space they can use.

Michelle L. Hewitt, assistant to Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III, instructed student organizations in a letter to "minimize the materials that you bring with you--your table space will be basically equivalent to one cafeteria tray."

The changes in location and space threaten to hamper the recruitment efforts of Harvard's student groups.

Fall-semester registration was held in Sever Hall for all students. The activities fair, traditionally held in a tent next to Memorial Hall, was moved to the Sever Quad.

But this spring's fair, formerly staged in the large foyer of Memorial Hall, will be confined to the side dining room in the Union.

Student leaders planning to table today expressed dismay at the restrictions.

"It's a disappointer," said Jennifer Ching '96, outgoing co-president of the Asian American Association. "I think it's unfortunate space restriction that'shappening because of all the construction rightnow."

"They told us that we were only allowed one[representative] because of limited space," saidPatricia W. Seo '96, co-captain of the Radclifferugby/football club. "We're a little disappointedbecause the upperclassmen are not registering inone location."

Hewitt said limiting student groups has beencommon practice for spring registration becauseit's held inside.

"The space is much smaller," Hewitt said. "Soin order to still accommodate groups we limited itto one student instead of two per group."

According to Hewitt, student groups begancalling the Dean of Students' office last week tosign up for the fair.

She said the office granted permits on afirst-come, first-serve basis, and that the lastspot was taken yesterday morning.