U.C. Will Redirect House Funding

The Undergraduate Council voted last night to change the way it gives grant money to house committees, transferring the task from the council's finance committee to the college life committee.

Under the new rules, at the beginning of each semester the college life committee [CLC] will consider giving funds to each house for the purchase of durable goods like bike racks or cable television.

The committee would be required to give the same amount of money to each house and four times as much to the first-year caucus.

In addition, the CLC may consider requests from specific house committees to help fund social events. This funding would have to be considered by the full Council, however, and only after CLC members deemed the function somehow beneficial to the whole College.

Rudd W. Coffey '97, one of the bill's sponsors and co-chair of the CLC, said having his committee distribute these grants makes the most sense.


"In the fall we experimented with having the house committees apply through the finance committee, and members of both the house committees and the finance committee didn't really think it worked out," Coffey said last night.

"But the house committees and the college life committee deal with a lot of the same stuff, providing services directly to the students," Coffey continued. "It was the natural idea to try putting the two together."

Other Business

In a fast-paced meeting, the council voted on and passed four other resolutions: proposed changes to the College's alcohol policy; funding for airport shuttle busses before spring break; organizing a town hall style meeting; and changing council rules governing attendance by members of the finance committee.

The council will propose changes to the part of Harvard's alcohol policy thatprevents houses from co-sponsoring parties wherealcohol is served.

The proposal will be brought before the nextjoint meeting of the Committee on House Life andthe Committee on College life. Council delegatesto these committees will try to win the support ofCollege administrators and house masters.

If the council's proposals are approved at thejoint meeting, houses will be allowed to advertisealcohol parties in other houses but not on kiosksor campus boards outside the houses.

Council vice-president Justin C. Label '97, oneof the sponsors of the bill, said the changes willhelp boost attendance at house parties.

"One of the biggest problems with these partieshas been that because they have only beenadvertised in one house, people figure that nobodyis going to come, so they don't either, and no oneshows up," Label said.

Next, the council voted unanimously to provideshuttle bus service to Logan International Airporton Thursday and Friday, March 24 and 25 forstudents leaving for spring break.

The council allocated just over $2,000 for thebusses, which will pick up students at JohnstonGate, Currier House and Quincy House and drop themoff at various airport terminals.

The council also voted to hold a "town hall"style meeting on Sunday, March 19 at 6:00 p.m. Thecouncil allocated $250 for publicity and food forthe event--after a lengthy debate over whether ornot council members should be allowed to eat thefood they provide to students who show up to themeeting.

Finally, the council decided to change itsbylaws so that members of the finance committeecan skip their office hours when working on thegrants package for student groups