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By Michelle C. Sullivan

Name: Aaron (pronounced Aron) Myers '97

Rap name: M. Seabass

House: Currier

Concentration: Fine Arts

When his name charges and why it's sticking: It hasn't been A-ron for very long , just the last year. it has more soul than just Aaron.

His idea of a good lunch: May be some pumpernickel and ham or something; a fat sandwich and some corn chips; something breefy, a lot of meat.

The birthday present he wishes he'd gotten: It's a can of potted Meat Product. I think it 's in the Spam family and the Beenie Weenie family. One of the main ingredients, which would have made it great had I gotten it for a present, was "partially de-fated, cooked, fatty pork tissue." I'd have just pealed back the lid and stuck a candle in it, then cut every body a slice.

How he feels about marshmallow:I think it's wonderful stuff, especially fluff. That's even better because it's spreadable without going through that over the fire stage, when you have to melt them down. They usually just combust over the fire, and somebody's figured that out. I'd like to shake his hand, whoever that is. Now , you can just pit fluff on anything.

The last word on processed food: Processed food is cool, and it's neglected. I think people should open their taste buds to it; it's an acquired taste

Why he's no longer playing football, although he was recruited as a place kicker: Coach Restic was cool in that he wanted people to do other things, and he didn't limit them to just football. Now , we have a new coach who's from Division One school, and he's implementing a Division One program. He excerpts everything from his football players that they can possibly offer, so there's not the flexibility that we were used to.

What he's doing now:I'm just trying to do a little bit of everything, to take some African and Flamenco dance lessons and some upright bass lessons.

What inspired his recent haircut:Just spontaneity , I guess. I usually change my hair three or four times a year. I don't dwell on it all that often.

How he gets the "afro Puffs" on his head to stand out: I just rub them, like you rub a genie lamp. there's not much get at all, may be some saliva. I know that's foul like greaser-style but I've one that before.

Where his roomate and stylist Blake Glaeson learned to cut hair: I think he used to cut shrubs.

His take on music he makes with Steamship of Beef: It's punk, but not with the angst that punk has. We're kind of slaphappy punk, I guess. It's just maybe making fun of that angst. We do a little bit of skaa as well, so well, so skaa and punk.

Where they got the name: We were in Currier House one night, going through the dinner line, and we came across this big, putrid bucket of stuff, with this film over the top of it like a skin. It looked so foul. Then we looked up at the title, and it said Steamship of Beef. So, we said, "That's us; That's the presonification of us."

What's cool about Marion, Indian (his hometown): We have the best thrifts stores of any town. I don't think Marion prides itself on that, but we have three really great thrift stores. I lover garage sale, and there are great garage sales in the summer.

What inspired him to build his low-rider bicycle: I had bought a shirt when I was here for pre-frosh weekend, and it had a guy, a cartoon character, on a low-rider bicycle. He looked so fresh, all swanked out, and it had a really old school flavor.

Favorite time of day: Morning, while everybody else is still clocking z's and I'm just relaxing and relishing the time before everyone gets up and starts going crazy trying to run errands or do home work.

His message to the Harvard community: When people see each other it's always very superficial, and I think people should be getting to know each other more. The small-talk is always about how much homework a person has to do , how many exams they have, and how they're stressing and busting forehead veins over it, when there's so much other stuff to talk to about. Everybody here has such a fascinating story. Spend some quality time with someone ; have a quality conversation

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