News Office Denies Salinas Deal

Rumors of the imminent arrival of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas have been greatly exaggerated, University officials said yesterday.

"There is no arrangement at this time between Harvard University and former President Carlos Salinas of Mexico," Harvard spokesperson Joe Wrinn said in a statement yesterday. "President Salinas has not joined the Harvard faculty nor accepted any other position at Harvard."

The University denials came amidst reports that the private airplane ostensibly carrying Salinas from Mexico landed in an airfield outside Boston on Sunday afternoon.

The plane, a Falcon 900 with registration XAR-GB, has been parked in a hangar on the civilian side of the airport, Massachusetts Port Authority spokesperson Christina Cassotis told The Associated Press.

Salinas, who earned a Ph.D. in government from Harvard in 1978, reportedly struck a deal with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo under which he would abandon public life to pursue work in academia.


Administrators and faculty who know Salinas have told The Crimson that they are unaware of any plans he may have to join the Harvard faculty.

Salinas and Zedillo have feuded openly since Salinas left office three months ago, each blaming the other for Mexico's current economic crisis.

In addition, Salinas's brother was arrested last month in connection with the murder of Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, general-secretary of Mexico's ruling party.

Salinas's recent woes recently forced him to withdraw his candidacy to head the new World Trade Organization.