Quincy House Grille Re-Opens Last Night

Menu Includes Klondikes, Hamburgers

After sitting idle for almost seven months, the Quincy House Grille reopened last night to enthusiastic residents who will no longer need to leave the house to get a midnight snack.

The Grille's menu includes such late night staples as pizza, Chipwiches, Klondikes and hamburgers.

Grille Co-manager Jane C. Chen '96 said she originally planned to open the Grille in the fall, but wasn't able to find partners to help her run it until recently.

"Nobody in Quincy had expressed an interest so I went out of Quincy," said Chen, who is the business managers of The Crimson.

Chen enlisted the help of Leverett House residents Frederick H. Yau '97, who is a Crimson editor, and Joseph L. Ngai '97, and the three submitted a bid for control of the Grille.


The Quincy House Committee approved their bid for a semester rent of $500. According to committee Chair Erica S. Cheng '96, another group also applied to run the Grille for the same rate, but did not have a grill of their own.

This year's staff bought their grill from last year's Grille managers, Tony Hsieh '95, and Sanjay Madan '95, who, according to Chen, were eager to get rid of it.

With the revoking of work-study status for house grille employees last year, Chen said she and her colleagues faced another problem.

"We have to pay a lot more for labor," she said. "But we've tried not to let that affect prices. Everything's pretty much the same price as last year."

Because they lacked cooking experience, thestaff looked to last year's management for help,spending yesterday afternoon perfecting theirpizza-making skills with the help of Kirby S.Files '95.

"It's sort of like a three-part triangle. Thegrille, the foosball and the game machines," saidFiles. "Without the grille, the other two weredying."

Applications are now being accepted to staffthe Grill from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on weekdays, and10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday