Sex in the 90s: A How-to Guide


The Official Sexually Correct Dictionary and Dating Guide

by Henry Beard '67 and Christopher Cerf '63

Villard Books, 2 39 PP., $10

"Romance isn't dead; it's just terminally inconvenienced."

Over the past three decades, Harvard students have read mountains of theory on sexual politics. Last semester there was an entire class devoted to the subject. When we aren't diligently reading or attempting to lucidly debate the views of Andrea Dworkin, Judith Butler or the like, we have a tendency to make fun of them. These theorists have intelligent, occasionally brilliant, critical ideas.

However, their arguments can become so fanatic that the only logical response is laughter. Women & Guns magazine, for instance, has defined "male" as "A quaint anachronism, once useful for protection of females, but rendered obsolete by contemporary firepower." Henry Beard '67 and Christopher Cerf '63 seize such extremities and others for their new book, The Official Sexually Correct Dictionary and Dating Guide.

Using the same approach as they did in their popular 1992 The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook, Beard and Cerf take th