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Jonathan Lewin's article ("ExSalient Editor Question Solvency," news story, Feb. 28, 1995) provides an incomplete--and therefore inaccurate--picture of the Salient and its internal personnel situation. As such, some corrections are in order.

First, the headline has confused friends of mine. While the term "editor" means little to The Crimson--where it is synonymous with "staff member"--on the Salient, exactly one person has that title. He is second in seniority to the president, and his job is self-explanatory.

Second, that I "remain on staff" provides an incomplete picture of my continued role on the Salient. Title changes within the Salient staff require a majority vote of the senior staff, while removing someone from the board of directors requires a 2/3 vote.

The Salient board of directors voted 4-2 in favor of a motion to remove Ross Frisbie from his position as "executive editor" (a position that had not existed prior to December 1994) and to remove that position entirely. Nobody presented any motion regarding my title or position--I remain editor, and I hope that my performance continues to merit that title.

Finally, the tone of the article suggests the imminent demise of the Salient. I would point out that, in the three years that the Salient has published bi-weekly (and as long as the Salient has fixed its production schedule in advance), we have yet to miss a publication deadline, and I do not expect that we shall miss such a deadline anytime soon. Matthew L. Bruce '96   Editor, The Harvard Salien

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