Tuition Will Rise 5.1 Percent in 1996

A year at Harvard will cost $27,575 starting next fall, the Corporation announced today.

This represents a 5.1 percent increase over this year's cost and is the lowest increase in more than two decades, according to the University.

This is the fourth year the percent increase has gone down, which reflects the University's goal of moderating growth in college costs, Dean of the Faculty Jeremy R. Knowles said.

The increase puts Harvard's total cost for next year in the middle of the Ivy pack.

Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton will cost $27,630, $27,039 and $27,076, respectively.


These represent 4.8, 5.1 and 4.9 percent increases.

The tuition and fee increases will be limited to those necessary for maintaining the quality of academic programs and the facilities that house them, Knowles said.

Major building renovations, including Memorial Hall and the humanities center, will be funded by donors, he said.

"Tuition and fees cover only about half the actual cost of educating a Harvard undergraduate," Knowles said.

Other sources include alumni gifts and income from the endowment.

The rising costs of information technology, library materials and financial aid are among the factors that led to the increase, University officials said.

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R.Fitzsimmons '67 said that Harvard will spend morethan $37 million on undergraduate financial aidnext year, maintaining its need-blind admissionspolicy.

Approximately 45 percent of students receivedirect scholarship assistance from the College, hesaid. The size of the average total aid packagewent up approximately $1,000, to $19,000.

According to the Consortium on Financing HigherEducation, 9.6 percent of Harvard's tuition goestoward financial aid. This is substantially lowerthan the 19 percent average for the elite collegessurveyed.

Tuition will rise from the current $17,581 to$18,838, room rate and student services from$4,705 to $4,903 and board charges from $3,040 to$3,200. The student health fee will remain at$634