U.C.'s Springfest Hits MAC Quad This Saturday

Carnival Will Include 10 Bands, 2 Stages, 12 Carnival Events, Prizes, Barbeque and Beer

Featuring rides, bands, prizes, a barbeque and--nearest to most Harvard students' hearts--beer, the Undergraduate Council will hold its second annual Springfest tomorrow in the MAC Quad from noon to 7 p.m.

Springfest will feature 12 carnival events in total, including a gyroscope, a moon-bounce, a dunk-tank, a high-striker, cotton candy and a game tent where students can win up to $800 in prizes, according to Campus Life Committee Co-chair Jonathan P. Feeney '98, who sponsored the event.

"As long as the weather cooperates, it's going to be the best U.C. event ever," Feeney said.

Feeney, who has spent the greater part of the semester organizing the event, is also responsible for negotiating the serving of beer at this year's Springfest.

"We faced a lot of obstacles and we've had to be a lot more careful in terms of safety, licensing, and insurance," Feeney said. "But the insurance office came through for us and has allowed us to have beer."

Some 10 bands are also scheduled to appear on two stages. The main stage features G-Love and Special Sauce, Spatula, Swedish Cookie, Fuzzy Navel and Daily Planet. Its smaller counterpart will host several other Harvard bands, including Mezzaluna, Blanket Envy, Steamship of Beef, Ground Zero and Jaws of Clay.

"We wanted a secondary stage to expose Harvard students to as many Harvard bands as possible," said Albert S. Lee '98, who arranged for both the bands and the sound system.

Admission will be free for Harvard undergraduates. Students will also be allowed one guest each. But, as a result of University insurance regulations, guests will not be allowed on the carnival rides, nor will children be admitted to the festival.

"This is a unity, building-community activity," said Rudd W. Coffey '97, Campus Life Committee Co-chair. "Classes are done and we want people to relax, have some fun and kick off the new reading period."

But despite the fact that this year's festival will not be held in the Yard, both council members and administrators feel that the MAC Quad will prove more than adequate for the carnivalesque festivities.

"The MAC Quad is close to the upperclassmen, the police will be able to close off the surrounding streets and we can get around the Yard's alcohol regulations," Coffey said.

"But we're still doing this within the guidelines of the administration," he added. "We're going to make sure we do thisresponsibly."

Despite the changes in this year's Springfest,administrators are also confident that the eventwill be a triumph.

"Jon Feeney and Rudd Coffey have been workingwith us to make sure they'll be able to get thingsdone properly," said Sarah E. Flatley, AssistantDean of Students. "I know they've worked hard andI hope it's a nice day," she added