Kendall Sq. Cinema Set To Open

This fall, Cantabrigian moviegoers will have an alternative to the Square's two cinemas.

A new movie house, Kendall Square Cinema, opens on September 15 at a new commercial complex that will also house several restaurants and business offices.

The new theater, which will feature nine screens, is located three blocks from Kendall Square's T station.

"A lot of the films we plan on programming will be of particular interest to college students," said Cary Jones, director of marketing for Goldwyn Landmark Theatres. "The kind of clientele we're hoping to attract is a spectrum of filmgoers."

Jones said the theater will show "a mix of foreign language, American independents and sophisticated Hollywood studiotypes of things."

The theater will also be equipped to show filmclassics like "Casablanca," which was filmed witha nearly square-shaped format, or "Lawrence ofArabia," which used a wide-screen "Scope" format.


All the auditoriums will be equipped with DolbyStereo, infrared listening devices for thehearingimpaired and sightlines that make readingsubtitles more convenient.

The Kendall Square Cinema will host severalscreenings during the Boston Film Festival thisfall, making it the first theater outside the cityto participate in the festival.

"With the Kendall Square Cinema, the first newmovie theatre built from ground up in Boston orCambridge in more than 15 years, we hope toestablish the flagship venue for specialized filmsin New England," Steve Gilula, president of theSamuel Goldwyn Theatre Group, said in a statement."The Boston/Cambridge area has always shown agreat passion and enthusiasm for independent andspecialized films."

"With the demise of the Orson Welles, theExeter and other theatres over the years, itbecame apparent to us that there simply are notenough local venues to adequately support theincreased number of specialized films availablefrom around the world," he said