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In the Dec. 2 Crimson, Joe Wrinn, director of the Harvard News Office, claims that "there is no policy that takes away a student's right to give an interview to whomever he or she chooses."

I would like to ask Mr. Wrinn to explain the regulation on p. 309 of the Handbook for Students that states, "[n]o student shall be connected with any advertising medium, including the press or other public forum, or unrecognized publication that makes use of the name of Harvard or Radcliffe or implies, without permission of the University, through its title or otherwise, a connection with the University."

I would also like to ask Mr. Wrinn to explain some of the regulations for undergraduate organizations that appear on pages 429-30 of the Handbook for Students, such as that "[n]o organization shall be allowed to appear on a commercially sponsored radio or television program" and that "[n]o organization shall in any publication, radio or television broadcast, public performance or otherwise purport to represent the views or opinions of either Harvard University, Radcliffe College, or their student bodies."

Editor's note: Jol Silversmith also sent the preceding letter to Director of the Harvard News Office Joe Wrinn, who submitted this response to The Crimson:

The policies that Mr. Silversmith cites refer to an individual claiming to represent the institution of Harvard in an official and/or commercial capacity. In my letter, I refer to a student's right to speak for him or herself as an individual, not in regards to representing the University officially. --Jol Silversmith '94

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