Former Defense Department General Counsel Appointed Harvard’s Top Lawyer


Democracy Center Protesters Stage ‘Emergency Rally’ with Pro-Palestine Activists Amid Occupation


Harvard Violated Contract With HGSU in Excluding Some Grad Students, Arbitrator Rules


House Committee on China to Probe Harvard’s Handling of Anti-CCP Protest at HKS


Harvard Republican Club Endorses Donald Trump in 2024 Presidential Election

Overheard at the U.C. Debate


"I want students to come to the U.C. and say, 'My party can't go beyond one o'clock and I gotta go to The Grille."' Philip R. Kaufman '98, advocating student concerns.

"I feel pretty confident in saying that I'm a good communitor, I mean, communicator." Lamelle D. Rawlins'99

"Pretty much I think I've demonstrated that I'm not good at speaking." Eli W. Bolotin '99

"I don't propose to kill anyone...People act when they're afraid," Joseph G. Cleeman '98, discussing his preferred political techniques.

"Unlike O'Mary, I am from New Jersey. My parents are from New Jersey. Basically we're all from New Jersey. But what's important is that we're all Americans." Ethan G. Russell '98

"When I said hi and you looked at me, we had that moment." David S. Goodman '97-'98, in a metaphor on his relationship with constituents as U.C. secretary.

"We have the Harvard name here. We can exploit this name. I think we can exploit things and do things more creatively." Justin E. Porter '99, emphasizing the potential bargaining power of the council.

"The U.C. is an aristocratic debate society superimposed on a dance committee." Joseph G. Cleeman '98.

"The U.C. is kinda like a boxer...taking a jab here at safety, and a job here at the Ad Board. I want to bring the students into the ring with the U.C." Selamawi H. Asgedom '99

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