SAA Begins Seventh Ghungroo

South Asian Dance, Music Festival Sold Out This Weekend

The South Asian Association (SAA) last night kicked off the seventh annual Ghungroo, a three-day cultural festival that features traditional music and dance, before an audience of roughly 200.

The production, held in the Agassiz Theatre, is cast and run entirely by Harvard students and is meant to celebrate South Asian culture.

The unity of dance and music was presented as the theme of last night's performances.

The show opened with the traditional dance Bharata Natyam that focuses on expression, music and rhythm. The dance featured a performer wearing a bright purple and gold costume.

The set of performances also included a tribute to South Asian Music titled "Fusion of East and West" and traditional folk songs such as Bhajan, Qawwali and Urdu songs.


"I like having the exposure to all these different musical styles and instruments that I've never had exposure to," said Matthew S. Elliott '99.

Although most of the evening was comprised of song and dance, SAA also performed a skit spoof of the movie "Forrest Gump."

The skit starred a young South Asian man who met Muhandas K. Ghandi and inspired the builder of the Taj Mahal.

Members of SAA have been working on this year's production since January and according to many audience members, SAA's hard work paid off.

"I think it's a really diverse and very energetic show and people have worked really hard and they've done really well" said Naheed G. Rehman '96, the stage manager of last year's show.

"It's a lot of fun. You work with your peers and you learn from your peers" said Vikaas S. Sohal '97, co-president of SAA.

According to Sohal, the show, directed by Trin A. Mitra '96, Nishat A. Mehta '97 and Gaurav D. Shah '96, has already sold out tonight and tomorrow night's performances.

Sohal said he plans to use the proceeds from Ghungroo to fund several community service projects in which the SAA is currently involved

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