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Protect Yourself


Tips for preventing violent crime:


--Run with a partner.

--Know the location of emergency phones.

--Stay in well-lit areas.

--Take advantage of Harvard's safety resources, such as the shuttle, the escort service and safety walk.

--Be alert to your surroundings.


--Run with a walkman.

--Look like a victim. Project confidence.

--Travel alone at night.

--Walk in poorly lighted or unfamiliar areas at night.

--Admit strangers into your dorm. Always ask for ID.

Tips to protect against theft:

--Use a horseshoe-type, steel alloy key lock on your bicycle. Lock it to something stationary and solid enough to resist bolt cutters, such as a sign post, iron fence or bike rack.

--When leaving your room, lock the door even if you will be gone for only a few minutes.

--When leaving your room for vacations, trips or recess periods, store valuables in the security storage areas located in your dorm or take them with you.

--Avoid leaving notes on your door saying you are out.

Compiled from Playing it Safe--1995 annual HUPD report and H.A.S.T.E publications.

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