Water Main Break Dries Out Leverett

Forget taking a shower before bed. Leverett House found themselves without water last night after a leak on Plympton Street lowered water pressure below usable levels.

Eyewitnesses said they saw gushing water at 8:30 p.m., though complaints didn't reach the Cambridge Water Treatment Plant until an hour later.

"There were two manholes, and they were just flooding with water," said Chris H. Kwak '97. "It was coming out pretty fast."

Richard M. White, shift supervisor for University Operations confirmed the break, saying that Cambridge crews would repair the leak by early this morning, leaving students "a little inconvenienced" for the rest of the evening.

An official at the Cambridge Public Works guessed the break may have been the result of the cold weather.

Regardless of the cause, Leverett residents weren't happy according to Joey F. Li '99.


"A couple of people can't go to the bathroom because it's kind of embarrassing," he said.

Some residents noted this isn't the first time they've been inconvenienced by water problems.

"The toilet bubbles at odd moments," said Jennifer L. Stevens '98-'99. There's something wrong with the water pressure: The pipes shake back and forth.

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